Aasheim Synergy offers strategic advice and decision support within renewable and alternative energy.

We operate within the entire value chain, from production to storage, distribution and consumption of renewable energy.

Our consultants have extensive experience from leading strategy consulting, as well as planning and development of renewable energy infrastructure.

We stand out through:

  • expertise and experience in strategic consulting
  • deep technological insight
  • financial expertise and experience
  • industrial and operational experience

Strategic advice

We carry out all kinds of strategy assignments, be it when establishing a new business, establishing a new business area, developing new technology, developing a new business model, growth through acquisitions or when switching from fossil energy to renewable energy.

Investment analysis and cost estimation

  • Develop business case
  • Calculate net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Simulate and stress test business case
  • Establish cost estimates
  • Conduct due diligence (technological / commercial / financial)

Techno-economic analysis

  • Map resources
  • Identify needs
  • Analyse competitiveness
  • Analyse assumptions for market success and profitability
  • Conduct sustainability analysis and establish environmental accounts

Strategic market analysis

  • Identify and analyse business opportunities
  • Identify framework conditions and political guidelines
  • Map competition
  • Calculate expected cost and price development
  • Scenario analysis

Strategic portfolio management

  • Identify and systematize project and investment opportunities
  • Develop method for portfolio management and prioritization

Growth Strategy

  • Identify acquisition candidates / partners / joint venture candidates / alliances
  • Identify potential financial and industrial investors


  • Develop prospectus
  • Front dialogue with potential investors
  • Assist in negotiations